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Antisystem-Approach (Asa) for Engineering of Wide Range of Dynamic Systems


Prof. Dr. Serge Zacher, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany


Following the third physical Newton’s laws about forces and motion a young research assistant S. Sacharjan introduced in the journal “Chemische Technik” (Berlin, 1968) an idea, that a single isolated dynamic system doesn't exist alone and it always should be a second system acting in opposite direction. According to this concept, later called antisystem-approach (ASA),. if one system (called original system) transfers its inputs X into outputs Y with an operator A in one direction, then there is a second system (called antisystem), which transfers another inputs Wy into outputs Wx with the same operator A in the opposite direction on the original system. In abstract algebra and group theory a system and an antisystem are symmetric or antisymmetric. They build duality, which is common in many branches of sciences as mathematics, physics, biology etc. The antisystem does not have to be a physical system; it can also be a mathematical model of the original system. The most important feature of ASA is the exactly balance between a system and its antisystem by any values of input vector inputs X and Wy, namely a balance of scalar values ex=X*Wx and ey=Y*Wy. The ASA enables to analyse an antisystem instead of original system or to analyse the scalar values ex and ey instead of vectors. In the next twenty years since first publication of the ASA there were developed different methods and applications for control theory, feedback control, multivariable control, pattern recognition, decomposition of large systems, variables compression etc. up to a new kind of ASA-Controller and a model of artificial neural network (called antineuron). The proposed paper describes the basics of ASA as a tool for engineering and education of wide range of dynamic systems withour deeply going in the mathematical details..


control systems, technology, education, decomposition of large systems, reduction of dimensionality by multivariable control, feedback control  


Zacher, S. (2020). Antisystem-Approach (Asa) for Engineering of Wide Range of Dynamic Systems. In M. Shelley & I. Sahin (Eds.), Proceedings of IConEST 2020--International Conference on Engineering, Science and Technology (pp. 39-41). Monument, CO, USA: ISTES Organization. Retrieved 15 January 2021 from


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